HDR Fusion lets you create real HDR photographs by merging two differently exposed pictures taken in rapid succession (bracketing). This way, highlights and shadows can be captured and thus fully detailed.

Very Important

When capturing the two pictures, the camera should remain steady. Ideally, press the side edge of your device against something solid.

Taking HDR pictures

On most occasions, you will use HDR Fusion in the default Automatic mode. Simply launch the app, aim the camera at the subject and tap the Shutter button. The app will then analyse the scene, select appropriate exposure points and capture the two pictures.

Prior to taking the pictures, you will see blue crosshairs flashing on the screen. Those show you the location of the automatically selected exposure points and the progress of the exposure adjustments.

Again, don't forget to keep the camera steady after tapping the Shutter button!

Capture Mode

Automatic - In this mode, HDR Fusion analyzes the scenes and automatically selects the most appropriate exposure points before taking the two pictures.

Manual - If you ever find that the automatically selected exposure points are not appropriate for a particular lighting condition, HDR Fusion offers you a manual mode that enables you to set exposure points manually. When operating in this mode, two crosshairs will be displayed over the camera preview. Simply drag them to manually set the exposure points location used to capture the pictures.

Library - This mode lets you merge two pictures that you select from the photo album. After the merge, Capture mode returns to the previous selected capture mode (either automatic or manual) after merging the images.

Capture Mode can be selected by taping the lower left toolbar button.

HDR Processing Mode

Off - In this mode, HDR Fusion will capture the two pictures and only save them in the Camera Roll album. The pictures will not be merged. Use this mode if you would like to merge your pictures later using the Library capture mode or a desktop application.

Fast - In this mode, large picture are resized by a factor of 2 before merging them for lightning quick results. However, small pictures, like when you use the front camera, will not be reduced. Also, all original pictures will be saved at full resolution. If you don't intent to print your HDR images, you should probably select this mode.

Full - This mode merges full resolution images for the best possible results.

The HDR Processing Mode can be selected in the app settings.

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